3G iPhone: More or less then what you expected?

I am all for the 3G iPhone.  I'm getting one right when they come out, but did you want something more like I did?  Is it because I was fed so many "official" specs and so many spyshots on various sites that I "knew" what was coming out?  The things that I knew because of all of the "official" info was 3G and GPS.  After that I thought anything else would be icing on the cake.  Don't get me wrong the improved battery life and the new apps that were demoed, especially games, got me excited, but nothing like another feature that I didn't expect.

Recording video on the camera would have been nice.  Cut and paste would have been a much needed and expected feature.  More storage would have helped with the increasing media needs, but the one feature that would have been worthy of the "one more thing" Jobism would be Video conferencing.  Just think over a newly minted 3G iPhone talking to your peeps like they were there in front of you, well if your friends were 3.5 inches tall.  This would have been a killer app for the iPhone.

Am I expecting too much?  Possibly so, but with so many information leaks about the features that it already had, the video conferencing would have truly made my day.  What other features were you expecting or wanting?