• Letters and numbers used for car models

    I know useless information. It's one of my spiritual gifts. Some of this useless information is about cars and what their model numbers stand for.

  • 4K on it's way

    4K is what’s next. I’m ready for it, are you? No, you say? Well hopefully what I share can help sway you, or help prepare you for it.

  • Have an excellent shave and save

    I, like many of you have paid hundreds of dollars on shaving cartridges. I'm a fan of a good shave. While I don't visit specialty men's shaving stores, I do splurge and purchase Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Cartridges.

  • Let's talk iPhone.

    Let's do.  As usual, I put what I wish/think will be released.  There are new rumors coming out every day flip-flopping back and forth on what is going to be released.

  • Sticking it to the paper towel man

    If you are like me, then you dislike all the new touch-less sensor paper towel dispensers.  It's not their handiness or cleanliness that I dislike, it's the stingyness of the towels.  They give a small size of paper towel, and then I have to tear it and wave my hand again to try and get more.

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