• Is the iPad 2 for you?

    So March 2nd is the day we will all find out about the iPad 2.  Since the iPad was such a commercial success, there has been much hype and anticipation for the 2nd generation iPad.  There have been many rumors flying around and many people voicing their opinion about what features it should and shouldn't have.

  • WWDC 2010

    All WWDC events draw attention, but this seems like one of the more anticipated ones recently.  Of course everyone is excited to hear about the latest iPhone, but what else will be released and what else will surprise us. iPhone We all know a new one is coming.

  • The iPad is not for you.

  • iPhone 3GS

    So WWDC started today and we have new announcements of updated computer hardware, updated computer software, and even more of the same news about the update iPhone OS, OS3. What everyone wanted to hear about was the new iPhone. What will it look like, what will it have, what will it be is what everyone was asking.

  • iPhone 3G S

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