Apple's WWDC Tomorrow: New iPhone's?

For many an Apple fan, tomorrow is a national holiday. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC and Steve Jobs is the headlining speaker. What is so special about this conference you say? Well this one is special because the iPhone SDK will be shown and everyone is speculating a 3G version of the iPhone will be coming out. I'm going to make some predictions as well just so I can fit in with everyone else.

  1. The 3G iPhone will be announced with GPS and other goodies.  It would almost be more surprising if it is not announced.
  2. A smaller version of the iPhone will be announced.  I still think it will have a touch screen and many other goodies, but I don't think it will have all of the goodies of the 3G iPhone.

I also think that other things will be announced, but I think the smaller iPhone version is what everyone will be excited about because it will compete head on with Nokia, Sony and Motorola.  I don't have the iPhone yet, but I am looking forward to this new version.  I used to be a lot cooler before the iPhone came out.  When I didn't get it, I lost major cool points.  Anyone else taking off time to follow the coverage?