Can twitter break more often?

So today I want to send out some tweets via twitter. Sorry, site down.  So I wait.  I come back an hour later,  sorry, site down again.  I'm not a twitter fiend like some are.  I can go without, but when I wanted to tweet where was it?

Poor Analogy time: Last summer I always went to this snow cone stand.  It had the greatest snow cones.  The hours of service were from 2pm to 11pm daily.  A couple times I went at 9pm and they were closed.  What did I do.  I stopped going.  I couldn't rely on it when I wanted it most.

Is that what is coming next for twitter.  Are people going to get too tired of it not working that they will stop posting.  I think that will be the case for some.  This guy included.  Will that affect twitter.  I don't think they will mind the downturn in users temporarily while they get their servers in order.  Then when they are more reliable people will come back.  Maybe even this guy.