Michael Phelps lives up to the hype

Not since Michael Vick's dog Boom-Boom won back-to-back Atlanta dog fighting championships has one man or beast lived up to the hype of Michael Phelps. Winning eight Olympic gold medals is impressive, but to do it in one Olympics is simply amazing. Jason Zimdars, a local celebrity, said "Wow that is neat, did you hear Brett Favre got traded?" when asked about the feat.

Phelps had everyone watching the Olympics this year. They wanted to know if he could do it. Stephen Vandervort said, "I Brightkited right when he won so that I can look back in the future and remember where I was at that moment. See, here is a picture of the T.V. I was watching."

During an interview after the race Phelps was asked his Michael Phelps Winsfavorite memory and he was speechless. He said that the Olympics as a whole is what he would remember. Justin Boeckman said that he already had a Phelps website made that has in his own words, "Michael Phelps hidden in white text at the bottom of the page written 46 times so that I can get it ranked really high!"

It could be shear talent or talent and technology combined that has helped all of these world records to be broken by Phelps and company. The new Speedo Racer suits seem to be helping everyone. "Those suits are simple, black and real clean," stated Dustin Evans, "I was yelling Git-R-Done at Phelps the whole time."

This may be a feat we never see again in our lifetime. I am glad Michael Phelps lived up to the hype and won 8 Olympic gold medals in one Olympic games. Congrats, and thanks for making this a fun Olympics to watch.