OKC Thunder: Oklahoma City's new NBA team name

Today at 5pm CST the Oklahoma City will have the name of their new team officially announced.  Too bad I just announced it early.  In this picture from the NBA Store shows what the new logo will look like.  Like me you are probably saying "Surely this is for the non-existent WNBA team or is there to throw people off of the real logo design."

Because of the few slip ups that have happened on the NBA.com website and pictures that have been circulating it looks like Thunder is the name and this is the logo that will be used.  It is all the rage to have a new logo to sell more merchandise, so hopefully this one will only be around for a few years and then they can get another one done.  I hope the drafts of other logos that were discarded because of this one are never released because I will probably like those a lot more.

I am hopefull that the jerseys will make up for the bad logo.  I really want to like this logo.  I just can't.  Anyone else have these same feelings?