Oklahoma City Thunder: Is this the new NBA team name in OKC?

KOCO is reporting that there sources say the name of the new Oklahoma City NBA franchise will the the Oklahoma City Thunder.  This goes against a Jason Zimdars post that leaked the name as "I love this basketball team."  Either way Oklahoma City Thunder sounds like a WNBA team to some.

I personally think this is appropriate for the people that sit up in cloud city, the upper sections properly named loud city.  "I don't think the name is scary enough," stated Stephen Vandervort "People don't run with thunder like the do with the Bulls.  Running with the bulls will scare anyone, so will swimming with sharks, but that is for another story!"

A jersey design scheme and colors are yet to be announced, but it will be intersting to see if they go with a classic, retro, or some kind of combination of both.  Many eager Oklahomans wait for the official name to be announced so they can begin to purchase merchandise and season tickets.