Sticking it to the paper towel man

If you are like me, then you dislike all the new touch-less sensor paper towel dispensers.  It's not their handiness or cleanliness that I dislike, it's the stingyness of the towels.  They give a small size of paper towel, and then I have to tear it and wave my hand again to try and get more.  At times I need to do this three times because of large handedness.  I have spent several bathroom trips testing and retesting this fool proof method where you get more paper towels without tearing.  If you follow the steps below, you will never need to go through this pain and hardship again.

  1. First you will need to wave your hand as usual.  This can be with your right or left hand.  I chose my right hand for this demonstration.  Please feel free to flip these pictures horizontally if you need help using your left hand.Waving Hand
  2. The paper towel will dispense.  This is where the Paper Towel Man wishes you would stop.  Don't bring your short towels to a full hand drying towel party, Paper Towel Man, we need more!
  3. Next, grab the bottom of the paper towel and pull up.  Be careful not to pull up too hard as to rip the paper towel.  You should here a little click, or something feel something "resetting."
  4. Wave your right, or left, hand over the sensor again.
  5. Enjoy enough paper towel to truly get your hands dry.  You've also told the Paper Towel Man that you are not a part of his system.