SugarSync where sweetness and technology combine

A friend at work has been raving about a program called SugarSync, the online storage and sharing program for all of your computers.  SugarSync allows you to back up your home, work and laptop computer all through their manager.  This is a nice feature to have all of your files protected in the "cloud."  Sugarsync takes this technology a step further by syncing all of the computers and on top of that being able to access your files from any of your computers through an SSL protected website.

Just those features would make it a great program to use, but it doesn't stop there.  They turned the awesome up to 11 by offering mobile access as well as a free iPhone app.  You can download files from your computers to you iPhone through the nice little app.  Another great feature is being able to open the files on your iPhone.  

Let's take a step back here and go over all that again in one sentence.  You can backup and sync files between all of your computers and be able to access them on you iPhone.  This sounds like one of the most convinenent things around and it is.  I have not currently been at a place where I say, "You know.  I sure wish I had that recipe off of my computer."  The bad part is that I don't have any recipes on my computer so that would be useless, but the good thing is that if did I would be saved.

I'm still in the early stages of using it, but I really like the SugarSync manager and the iPhone app is great.  The newest feature where you can stream your music from your SugarSync back up to any other computer or iPhone.  I want to dive deeper into this feature.  I will have more feedback and update this post when I have spent more time with it.