Thank you Big Red Sports and Imports

Sam Bradford with Heisman TrophyOn August 7th, 2006, Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel wrote an article titled Bomar scandal will rock Sooners in 2006 and beyond, referring to the car dealership Big Red Sports and Imports, and the employment of Rhett Bomar. How prophetic of him.

At the time everyone hated Big Red Sports and Imports. No one wanted to buy a car from them, the local sports talk radio station buzzed with hate towards them, and we even lost a mulleted fixture of car commercials. Many were giving up on the OU football team for the next few years and could just picture Mack Brown laughing down in Austin. It was a sad sight.

In stepped a red shirt freshman quarterback, the next year, that would hopefully be able to at least carry the team while they figured things out. After all the next 3 to 4 years had been put on Rhett’s right arm. Not only did this red shirt freshman “at least” carry the team, he led them to a Big 12 title and a BCS bowl game. Things were looking up. The pain that Rhett and Big Red Sports and Imports left in peoples hearts was beginning to fade.

This year while Rhett was down enjoying Sam Houston State University, visions of National Championships danced in Sooners’ heads. This year Sam Bradford was the man and all of Sooner Nation was relying on his right arm. He did not let us down. Through smart thinking and laser locked throws, Sam Bradford took the Heisman trophy from two other quarterbacks and the Sooners are going back to play in the National Championship. It’s funny how Heisman trophy’s, Big 12 Championships, and playing in the National Championship game can heal wounds.

That is why I would like to say Thank you Big Red Sports and Imports. I know you had this in your master plans the whole time. A sort of cleaning house, if you will. Who are we to question your judgement on which college players you want to pay and who you don’t. You had us in mind the whole time. We are sorry for getting mad at you and calling you names. We really didn’t mean it. We will now put you back on our list of places we can purchase cars from. We just have one little request though. Please stay away from Sam Bradford at least for a little bit longer. Okay? Deal.