Top 10 things to do while your iPhone 3G is bricked.

You've got that fingerprinted shiny new iPhone 3G and you are all ready to do everything "Twice as Fast," except that you are stuck trying to activate it.  So now your phone is doing nothing as you wait around.  Here are some things to do with it while you are waiting.

  1. Use it as a see-saw for your fingers.
  2. Polish the back to get the fingerprints off.
  3. Check out the new app store on your original iPhone you gave to your wife.  Oh wait, it is bricked too.
  4. Talk to someone in person.  I know, weird huh?
  5. Tell your friends that despite what they have witness so far, it is an awesome phone and worth the wait.
  6. Listen to music on your 3rd Generation (3G) iPod.
  7. Write a blog post about how mad you are about your iPhone 3G not activating.
  8. Polish the back to get the fingerprints off.
  9. Ask someone with a Samsung Instinct for directions using their GPS.
  10. Read reviews of how awesome it is on your computer.